lisp-zmq is a Common Lisp binding for the zeromq messaging library.

I started using zmq with the cl-zmq binding, and built m2cl with it. Yaroslav Shirokov and I wrote patches for cl-zmq, but I personally wasn’t fully satisfied with some aspects of the binding, so I wrote a new one.


lisp-zmq was successfully tested on Linux 32 bit and 64 bit, with ZeroMQ 3.2.3, and SBCL 1.1.9. ZeroMQ 2.2.0 is still supported.

If you test it on another platform, don’t hesitate to tell me whether it works or not, I’ll be happy to update this page.


lisp-zmq uses CFFI and Bordeaux Threads



The development version of lisp-zmq is currently available on Github.

Stable versions are available as tarballs:

Test suite

The test suite is available in the zmq-test package. It can be run directly with asdf:test-system:

(asdf:test-system :zmq)


The performance evaluation programs released with zeromq have been implemented with lisp-zmq and are available in the zmq-examples package.