Lisp-zmq 1.5.0

A few months ago, Valeriy Zamarayev started adding support for ZeroMQ 3.2 to lisp-zmq. There is no point sticking to ZeroMQ 2.2 forever, so I recently decided to migrate to 3.2. lisp-zmq initially supported ZeroMQ 3.2 in the zmq3 branch only, but I merged this branch into master and released a new stable version.

You can download it as always on Note that Github does not provide static file hosting anymore, so this page is now the only official source for stable lisp-zmq releases.

It should still be compatible with ZeroMQ 2.2; of course the new functions of ZeroMQ 3.2 are not available in that case.

As usual, contact me if you have any problem with this new release.