Swank modules in cores

I have this application running from an executable core generated by SBCL. When it starts, it creates a Swank server. But when I connect to this server, Swank tries to load the Swank part of the slime modules I use in my Emacs configuration, and fails with the following error message:

Can't locate module: SWANK-IO-PACKAGE::SWANK-MEDIA

It’s not a problem if the Swank sources are on the machine the application runs on, but if it’s not the case, it’s possible to load the Swank modules in the core.

In the function which generates the core, I simply call the swank-require function of the swank system:

(swank:swank-require '(swank-repl swank-asdf swank-fuzzy swank-indentation

This way I don’t have to deploy any source file with my core.